BBM Channels on Windows Phone

Popular secure messaging service BBM has released a new update for its Beta version of the app on Windows Phone whereby adding ‘Channel‘ support.

This update takes the BBM Beta app on Windows Phone to version 2.1 (build version

Here’s more about Channels from BBM

BBM Channels lets you connect with the broader BBM community beyond your BBM contact list. Share ideas, discuss, debate and chat about topics that interest you – all with the speed and privacy of BBM.

Start a BBM Channel. Start a conversation.

Start a BBM Channel to share your thoughts and passions with BBM users around the world. Then add posts, pictures, start discussions and set chat hours to connect with your subscribers.

Join a conversation

Connect with people who share your interests – like a favorite team or a band you love. Add a BBM Channel to join the conversation happening now.

Open, yet private

Interact with others on BBM Channels without having to add them to your BBM contact list.

Fast and easy

Start a channel from your smartphone. You’ll be up and running in just a few clicks.

Watch your channel grow

A built in dashboard helps you track how subscribers are engaging with your channel.

Control you count on

Choose to moderate comments on your channel, or make it a private channel all together.




Channels is here! Look forward to:

  • Channels Pivot on the Home Page
  • Channels Hub
  • Channels Details
  • Invite to Channel option
  • Channel Profile
  • My Channel
  • Channel Post details…and more Channels features!

Grab the Beta build of BBM from Windows Phone Store below

Type – Free
Size – 15 MB
Version –
Works with WP8 & WP8.1 (512MB RAM supported)
Publisher – BlackBerry Limited

BBM Beta for Windows Phone new

Known issues

  • BBM crashes when attempting to add avatar to group
  • Restarting BBM brings up the “Find friends” screen intermittently
  • BBM crashes and user cannot create Channel on Windows Nokia 530 device
  • Applications takes a long time to load featured/owned/subscribed channels on HTC devices
  • Image post is broken
  • Hype count in feeds screen is not correct
  • Feeds tab do not splat on channel or contact updates
  • Channels avatar cannot be changed
  • BBM crashes when user try to add image to add post on Nokia 530 device
  • Featured Channel header and images not loading in the discover page
  • Channel search results shows incorrect search count
  • Channel post report time is incorrect in the report tile
  • Pinning a channel from channel chat screen do not work
  • Channel chat hours cannot be changed more than once
  • Cannot add camera photos or screenshots to add image post
  • Time is not updated for adding post or comments
  • Subscriber counts for channels in the search page is not clearly visible
  • Channel names are not in alphabetical order in the My Channels and Subscribed Channels page
  • Clicking on sent/received sticker in the chat screen freezes BBM