Xiaomi MI4 with Windows 10

A video of Xiaomi MI4 running the Windows 10 OS has popped-up on the internet today. If you are not aware then at the WinHec 2015 Conference, Microsoft announced a joint programme with Xiaomi of letting a select group of MI4 users test & build the Windows 10 OS before its release later this year and in relation to the same we might be looking at the first ever video of MI4 running the Windows 10 OS.

From the video it looks the OS build is quite old but a couple of instances in the video prove that the OS is indeed Windows 10. For eg. the Windows 10 keyboard at 1.28.

We are indeed looking at a very early build of Windows 10 running on MI4 but it also goes on to prove that MS and Xiaomi might have entered in to the deal long back. Will it be successful? .. only time will tell.