Microsoft Priority Reseller India image 1

After acquiring & closing the Nokia deal almost a year ago, Microsoft has started with its Store re-branding exercise & has launched its first ever Microsoft Priority Reseller Store in Gurgaon, India today. The store was unveiled by Chris Weber, CVP, Mobile Device Sales at Microsoft.

As part of the rebranding strategy, Microsoft will have two kinds of Stores.

  • Microsoft Priority Reseller Store (branded retail stores) These will be Microsoft exclusive stores which apart from Lumia Smartphones will also feature Xbox One & Windows Tablets.
  • Microsoft Mobile Reseller Store (value & experience stores) These will be the store-in store at third party multi-brand retail outlets.

As part of the change, Microsoft will be re-branding 8,872 Stores & 119 after-sales service centers in India by end of June while globally it will rebrand 15,684 Stores and 324 after-sales service centers.

441 Stores in India will get a completely new design while the remaining stores will see a refresh. Globally 3287 Stores will be getting the new make-up with balance getting the refresh.

Microsoft however did not say anything about launching Surface range of tablets or Microsoft Band in India but did say that with rebranded stores, Microsoft will be able to reach out to millions of new customers with products beyond just phones.

Below are a couple of images via WMPU of the newly unveiled store in India

Microsoft Priority Reseller India image 1Microsoft Priority Reseller India image 2Microsoft Priority Reseller India image 3