Lumia 1020 & Lumia 925

Update – Denim update with new Firmware also rolling out in China (CMCC, 925T) & Thailand (CV – 925/1020)

Beep beep! .. A tweet from Lumia Software Update team is out, notifying users of the Denim update rolling out to Lumia 925 & Lumia 1020 devices in selected markets of Europe. (Yes the update is LIVE!)

As you may very well know, Lumia Denim for devices like 925/1020/920 & other last generation devices is nothing more than a OS update unlike the update to 830/930/Icon & 1520 which includes the awesome Lumia Camera 5.0.

Nonetheless any OS update is significant & in this case Denim (aka Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1), brings some great changes.

The important thing to note here though is that for the first time Denim update is bringing a new firmware to the devices 925 & 1020. Denim has rolled to the same devices at other places in the past but the firmware has remained the same as that of Cyan (3051.50009.1424.xxxx).

In the subject case, the Denim version for Lumia 925 is (3051.50009.1451.10xx/8.10.14226.359) and that for 1020 is (3051.50009.1451.1xxx/8.10.14226.359).

Lumia 925 Denim Update EuropeLumia 1020 Denim Update Europe