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Video – Nokia Lumia 620 reviews keep coming in, continues to ‘Suprise’ !

Nokia Lumia 620 India Review

Had you been from India then it would have been very hard for you to get a smartphone that’s other than Samsung or Sony. Let me put it in the right manner, Android is the buzz word !

If the phone has Android, it has got everything that’s the perception and why not it has got all the Apps & Games in the world for free free free. Right ? Probably not 100%.

When I said Samsung & Sony above .. they are not the only brands people are looking forward to, there is Micromax which is also doing good. All have Androids.

But sometimes people fail to see that though Android is good, it’s not good on all kinds of hardware. Android has its way of working good which needs heavy resources in the form of Dual Core & Quad Core processors & despite all this it continues to lag & be battery heavy. The best disguise of Android is that it run very smooth to start with which means you go to a store take a Android device in hand & you will be amazed by it .. pretty smooth, but the real story comes to the fore after you start installing Apps/Games & that’s when you realize that your device has actually gone very slow. You need to restart it every then & now to make it work like it should. This is very much true with Android devices shipping with v4.0 i.e. Icre-cream Sandwich onboard. I won’t go deep in to writing about Android though & would end just right here.

On the other side of the story, you see a Windows Phone 8 device in the form of Lumia 620. Now Windows Phone 8 has one strong characteristic & that is it’s very fast .. very very fast in-fact. Now mix it with the latest hardware from Nokia (which even gives Android phones in the same category as Lumia 620 a run for its money) & around 20 Apps from Nokia in the form of Maps, Music etc and you get a device that’s actually unbeatable on paper.

I said paper because Windows Phone 8 still has some shortcomings .. it’s definitely not as feature rich as Android. It’s not as customizable as probably Android is. It does not have as many Apps & Games as Android has. But the list just ends here.

Yes because it has improved a hell lot from what it was in the past (WP7) .. It might not have as many Apps as Android but it definitely has got a lot of quality apps. The total number of Apps/Games in the store are around 1,30,000 + & it’s growing at quite a rapidly pace. It’s fast, has latest hardware at an unbeatable price, a mapping solution from Nokia which is probably better than Google, some very cool camera centric apps from Nokia, Nokia Music & a Social Integration (FB & Twitter) that’s the best in market.

Club all this & you get a deviced called Nokia Lumia 620 at INR 14,999 .. search around shops and you can even get the device at INR 14,500 which is a terrific deal.

Impressed ? Aint ? .. Go through the video below.

To just compliment what I said .. have a look at this video below & probably you would agree.

Video by – Clinton Jeff

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