Windows 10 for Phone USB OTG demo

The technology giant Microsoft has been hard at work for couple of years with a vision thats now called Windows 10 where everything from Phone, PC, Tablets, Consoles etc merge in to a single ecosystem, where apps made once run on every & any product powered by Windows 10 right till the radical tech of HoloLens, where the experience across the product range will be very similar and lot more.

With Windows 10, Windows Phone will see a big change in functionality. Its already come a long way but with Windows 10 its aiming to go beyond the needs of customers. Microsofts recently concluded Build Conference showed all of it (which we are yet to cover).

Windows Phone as mentioned is continuously evolving and as part of Windows 10, it will be gaining the highly desired USB OTG feature and below video shows it in action for the first time along with 4 column tiles